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Beauty Academy
Through the collaboration with the Seolreim Dermatology Group, a consecutive award-winning brand in which customers place their trust,
we want to contribute to the global beauty business by fostering professional artists and producing talented people in demand
by the times through high-quality programs, excellent products, and a thorough training system.

Beauty Academy Program Composition and Benefits

Dermatology Field Practice
Direct field practice at Seolreim Dermatology located in Gangnam.
Professional Instructors
Systematic lectures
by current dermatologists and staff members who all have abundant hands-on experience.
Lecture from Seolreim’s Chief Director
Chief Director Kang Jungha’s lectures from Basic Skin Theory to Practical Knowledge.
1:1 Mentoring
Systematic support system from beauty academy classes to care shop opening preparations.
Various Benefits for Graduates
Provides certificates and patches, supplies solutions and devices, and offers online re-training and operation consulting.
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